Frank C. Wozniak


BACKGROUND: Hi, my name is Frank Wozniak and I have a great passion for Graphic Design! I have gained a wide range of design skills while working toward my AAS degree in Visual Communications at ITT-Tech, in Troy, Michigan, where I graduated in June 2010. I have enjoyed learning to use all Adobe software from photo manipulation, and all print design, to film editing and web design. I also picked up some 3D animation skills using 3DStudio Max 2010. I enjoy creating all types of computer graphic art and am constantly looking for the newest and most interesting design ideas.

PRESENT: I am now in pursuit of a BFA degree in Visual Communications at The Art Institute of Michigan and expect to graduate in May 2013. I love advertising, photography, and typography, and I plan to master my web design skills as well. I am funny, smart, quick with ideas, and am a dedicated, hard worker who can and always thinks critically. I enjoy bicycling, fishing for fun, basketball and all types of music. I am always up for new experience and am willing to re-locate for a change of view. I am looking for a full/part time position, but am available for freelance work as well. I am proficient in both Mac and PC applications.

THANK YOU: You can email me at or call me any time at 313.969.4762. I hope you enjoy my work and I will be waiting patiently to hear from you.


  • Microsoft Office 2008
  • Adobe CS5
  • 3DS Max 2008-2010
  • IMovie


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • 3DSMax
  • Microsoft Office 2008